Breakup rules for minimizing the damage

It can happen to everyone. Even if your love was once so strong it seemed you would be together forever, as the time passes, you begin to realize your partner is not the one you would spend your life with. In this case, you make a crucial decision. However, how to tell your other half about it? There are no instructions on how to end the relationship with ukraine ladies for marriage correctly. There are only tips on how to make things less painful and more effective that we will talk about today.

  • Burn that bridge
  • The correct breakup is when the relationship is fully completed and it is no longer possible to return to it. The most important and most difficult thing is to let a person go away. Let yourself move on, delete the number and all the photos from your phone, do not leave any possibility to get back.

  • Indicate the reason for separation
  • It is very difficult to explain the reason for separation to a partner, especially when you yourself got confused in your excuses and complaints. However, you still need to try to identify those problems that worry you, and explain why you see no other way than parting. Remember, your arguments must be clear and understandable. They should not have a double meaning or possibility of a different understanding than the one you are laying. Be careful with “life examples”, they very often look like an accusation.

  • Do not blame
  • The person you once were crazy in love with is in from of you and remember that you spent wonderful years (months, weeks) together. Your partner does not deserve humiliation in such a difficult moment of your life together. Be higher than this, do not put a person in an uncomfortable position, and do not blame. Just do not use the terrible "it's not about you, it’s about me…" words, they are too overused and transformed into a synonym for indifference.

  • Rehearse
  • You will speak from your heart, but the rehearsal makes sense. First, it will give confidence. Second, set up in a decisive way. Thirdly, if at the most crucial moment you decide to step back, rehearsed phrases will pop up somewhere in your head, which will save the situation and prevent you from capitulation.

  • Avoid romantic memories
  • Memories are the most difficult things to get over. Those evenings when you walked along the seashore, romantic dinners, early summer breakfasts on your balcony ... Sure, you will find something to remember, so force yourself to be silent about the past and interrupt your partner’s conversation if he decides to enter this forbidden land.

  • Choose a neutral place
  • No apartments, favorite parks or restaurants are allowed, any place where you have been together or have visited often is forbidden. Of course, you should not part in the lobby of the subway or at the bus stop, try to choose something neutral. Let it be a place in which neither you nor your partner have ever been and will definitely not be again. The spot of separation must never come up again on your map.

  • Do not suggest staying friends
  • By offering this, you risk getting into a friend zone when you still love a person but you cannot date. In general, taking the movie scenarios as an example is by no means the best idea. At least because of the fact that all their words are subject to the logic of the scriptwriter, and not the real-life situation.