How to tell a partner about pregnancy

Pregnancy and children are wonderful, but when some girls are overwhelmed with this news, someone, on the contrary, are upset and does not know how to tell their partner about it properly. In this article, we will tell you how to tell your beloved about pregnancy, combining two such different situations: when a child is expected and when their appearance is unplanned.

  • How to tell about the good news
  • So, you found out that you will soon become a mother. The joy has no limits and you are shining with happiness. This news should be urgently reported to all your relatives, friends, colleagues, but first of all your future dad should know about your condition. How to inform him about such important changes in your life?

    Of course, if you and your husband planned a pregnancy, then it is not necessary to drag out time and prepare your man. Romantic dinner is a great opportunity to do this. Quiet music, fragrant candles, a delicious dinner, and an intimate atmosphere will help you to relax and say these valuable words. Usually, men react loudly and do not control their emotions while expressing what they feel about the pregnancy news. So, if your partner just sits silent and does not know what to say or words like «Oh my god! Are you sure? » slip off his tongue, do not get offended. Because later that evening you can hear that you have made your husband the happiest man on earth. That is true, not all men are so emotional, but even if they get spellbound inside they are surely jumping from happiness.

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  • How to tell this in an original way
  • To do this, prepare a suitable gift or theme party for your life partner. You can buy a cake and decorate it, you can present a small accessory with an inscription about the upcoming fatherhood. Decorate the house with balloons and ribbons, as well as lay out children's toys. The main thing is for the man to understand your hint, otherwise, the entire effect of this message will disappear.

    It is better not to use a gift in the form of a pregnancy test, as this may be perceived incorrectly by the husband. Arranging a quest makes a great idea too. Your partner will need to find a box containing something that will explain to him the wonderful news.

  • How to tell my husband that I am pregnant if the child is unplanned?
  • The situation is a little different if your pregnancy has become a complete surprise even for you. The reaction of a man can be unpredictable and offensive. Often such news confuses the man, he frantically begins to think about later life, its full change, the financial side of the issue, and his willingness to become a father in general. Of course, in this case, the man must be prepared for this news. Try to subtly hint about the possibility that your family will become bigger, talk about your friends who have children and watch your husband. If you see that the spouse reacted to the news of the pregnancy without interest, then you should not immediately get upset and shed tears. A man needs time to realize what is happening. Look at the positive side and try to convince your husband that he will become the most wonderful dad in the world. Do not make hasty conclusions on the very first reaction of your husband.