What is The Venus Factor Weight Loss?

1000’s are women are going crazy and joining Venus Factor program. It’s not a weight loss program, although you can lose weight with it. It’s a body sculpting program designed to get that perfect feminine shape.

First, the Venus Factor is a body transformation program for woman only. Its purpose is to develop an hourglass figure, so it is shoulder intensive. The rep range for VenusFactor  is between 10-12 reps, so it does focus on building muscle while burning fat. All workouts are done in a circuit manner with a 60 second rest between exercises in order to lift at your


Will I get result from it?

Absolutely! Listen, we know if might be difficult for you to see yourself experiencing the same real results all of these women have. Rest assured, these Women are from all walks of life and have proven time and time again, you CAN do this! With The Venus Factor, you should expect these similar jaw dropping results. And in fact, not only should you expect them, but they’re guaranteed! Watch the video below to check body transformation.

VFX Body is all together a new product